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Membership of EGATIN is by organization. One country may therefore have several organizations as EGATIN members.

Membership of EGATIN is open to any organization which offers, or plans to offer, a formal training in group analysis.

Membership categories are intended to provide a basis on which to include in the Federation, training institutions working at different levels.

There are three categories of organizational membership:

a. Introductory: for organizations which offer Introductory or general courses which do not lead to accreditation to practice. 

b. Intermediate: for organizations which have not yet attained the criteria for Qualifying membership (c below) but which are preparing, or have recently begun to offer, a group analytic training which will lead to a professional qualification to practice as a psychotherapist in the country in which the training takes place.

c. Qualifying: for organizations which offer a professional training as described above, and which meet the following additional criteria:

i. Qualifying requirements have been completed by at least five graduates of the organization.

ii. The main responsibility for the training and organization has been assumed locally.

iii. The organizations work is based upon its own written constitution.

iv. The organization’s graduates are governed in their practice by a Code of Ethics or Practice.

d. Honorary: The EGATIN Committee might also grant Honorary Membership to former chairs or founding members or other eminent Group Analysts. They will be invited to the AGM, but are not able to take part in the delegates Sensitivity Meetings and will receive any communication on email.

Individual membership: 
Professionals who have a commitment to the development of group analytic training programmes may join EGATIN in their individual capacity but without voting right.

Application for membership

Organizations and individuals seeking membership must fill out an application form which should be sent  to the membership secretary. Information given on the application form will determine the category of membership.  The Committee of EGATIN will decide by a simple majority vote whether to recommend to the Delegates’ Meeting that the organization be admitted, and specifying its proposed category of membership.

The final decision for admission and category of membership will be taken by a simple majority vote at a Delegate’s Meeting.

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